• Don Teague

Antique Show Top Ten List

1. Buy it. I mean it's not about what you need, it's what you want.

2. Haggle. Vendors need to sell, it's the only reason they're here. Trust me, they'll come

down on price.

3. Stay hydrated! "Fall" in Texas means a comfy 100 degrees in the shade.

4. Wear sunblock. Don't be proud, we all do it.

5. Eat lunch, dinner, and snacks daily at Teague's Tavern. Yes, this is a shameless plug, but what did you expect? We have ice cold drinks, delicious food, friendly servers, and air conditioning! And hey, it could have been a shameless pug...or shitzu...I'll take a shameless plug over an awkward encounter with a pug any day.

6. Wear a hat. It keeps the sun off of your face, but more importantly if a mime or one of those "Cirque Du Soleil" clowns shows up somewhere you can use it to shoo them away.

7. Wear comfy, cool, closed-toe shoes. The fields get muddy so flip-flops can be a disaster. Also, you'll sunburn the top of your feet in sandals (rookie move, but you know it's true).

8. Look before you cross the road. This is serious. The speed limit on the road in front of the venues is 50 to 60 mph depending on where you are. Drivers are lost, or drive-by shopping, or texting, and they don't slow down just because shoppers on foot are wandering around looking for the best deal on 125 square feet of shiplap. People have been killed in the past.

9. If you see Chip or Joanna Gaines, Miranda Lambert, Alecia Silverstone or any of the other dozens of celebrities that frequent Round Top...don't ask to borrow their car. They hate that. I mean, I'm not saying they won't lend you their car if it's an emergency, it's just generally not acceptable to borrow the cars of famous people you don't know. Don't ask me how I know this, just take my word for it. Oh, most celebrities are happy to take a picture or selfie with you if you ask nicely.

10. Have fun and be kind to those around you. That's just good people skills right there.

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